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Charlie and Lisa would like to welcome you to the Ship Inn at Noss Mayo – A delightful, traditional waterside pub where you can enjoy our local beers and fresh, homemade food. The Ship Inn’s location is a superb walking destination and a yachtsman’s port of call – you can even tie up your boat outside! Come along, have a drink, sail or sit back, relax and enjoy the views and our friendly hospitality.


Our award winning waterside pub has been completely renovated using reclaimed materials, English oak, local stone, and lots of love and affection. The style is strong yet simple, spacious yet cosy; it feels like a proper pub, unfussy, uncomplicated but pleasingly functional.

Enjoy good, fresh, homemade food, great beers and interesting wines, whilst surrounded by wooden floors, old furniture, log fires, bookcases and dozens of local pictures.

We also love beer and our cellar has a good range of regional and local beers, most from brewers that know us well. When you know who brewed it somehow it tastes better! Our main beer comes from Summerskill’s just down the road, supported by beers from Princetown Breweries on Dartmoor and others who share our pleasure in beer.